Build the Future
of Dentistry

Transform the dental industry with CareStack's data platform and open API strategy. Our APIs enable you to create custom solutions for better patient care and effecient practice management.


A Rich Set of APIs

After analyzing the application landscape in the dental industry, we have curated a rich list of APIs for you to build solutions on our platform.

  • Patient Resources
  • Practice Resources

01Patient Information

You can use our APIs to create new patients, and update their personal, demographic and insurance information. You can also add and edit family members and responsible parties.

02Medical Conditions

Access a comprehensive list of a patient's medical conditions and allergies with our patient health information resource, enabling you to provide personalized care and treatment.

03Payment Summary

Retrieve a patient's accounting summary details, including insurance and patient balances, with our accounting summary resources.

04Patient Communication

Gives you access to all patient communication details across all channels. We provide you APIs to send texts and emails to patients.

05Treatment Codes

Gives you the ability to create treatment codes for each patient and change their status to trigger workflows for additional actions.

06Patient Documents

Easily add, view and manage your patient's personal and medical documents with our patient document resource.

Build Your Own Solutions

With CareStack's API platform, you have the power to create revolutionary solutions for dental practices

Patient Engagement

Engage patients with CareStack's communication APIs. Easily integrate appointments and patient information into custom solutions.

Practice Analytics

Unleash the power of analytical insights by combining CareStack's scheduled data extracts and real-time events with other dimensions of data.


Integrate your telephony with CareStack's platform for contextual patient information, unified multichannel communication, and streamlined patient notes.

Membership Plans

Create tailored membership plans for dental practices with CareStack's APIs, enabling seamless integration with fee schedules and fee calculations.

Dental AI

Consume financial and treatment information and deliver AI driven use cases to practices and patients.

Specialty & Referral Mgmt.

Streamline referrals with ease through CareStack's Web APIs, enabling seamless refer-in and refer-out processes.

Our Integrations

We integrate with some of the leading solutions in the dental industry

Complete Speciality
Open Care
Ring Central
Tiger View

Predictable Pricing, No Surprises

Our pricing model is simple and transparent, offering two options: read-only access to resources or read and write access to resources

Read Only

One Time Registration


Minimum Fee Per Month


Fixed Fee Per Customer Per Month

(for 15,000 transactions)


Read & Write

One Time Registration


Minimum Fee Per Month


Fixed Fee Per Customer Per Month

(for 15,000 transactions)


Options to Help You Integrate With Us


A rich set of RESTful APIs covering all practice and patient related resources.


Propagate real time changes from our platform to your application.

Data Extracts

Offline data extracts that can be delivered at scheduled intervals.

Innovate, Integrate and Elevate Dental Practices
with CareStack's Data Platform